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What is an IP address?

IP address stands for unique Internet Protocol address that is dedicated to individual computing devices for their personal identification. This address is also used by devices to establish a connection on the internet so that they can communicate with other devices at specific IP address of the connected IP network. The devices can be a computer, phone, Apple Ipad, iPhone, Mac, or any router. The IP address can be considered same as the street address or a telephone number that is dedicated to a particular entity.

How do I perform an IP address lookup?

Many people stay curious to know what is my IP address. There are so many IP lookup tools that can be used to know what is my IP location. But note that all of them are not trustworthy. The IP address lookup helps to determine the geolocation of the IP address. The results contain details about time zone, ISP, country name, postal code, state/ region and city/ terminal.

What is the difference between my IP 4 and IP 6 address?

IP 4 makes use of 32-bit binary bits to develop unique address on the specific network. The IP 4 or IPv 4 address is generally expressed by using four numbers that are separated using dots. For this eight-digit binary number, every number works like a decimal representation and is termed as Octet. Example of IP 4 address is: 255:28:31:168
On the other side, IP 6 or IPv 6 makes use of 128 binary bits to develop unique address on the network. In this case, the eight groups of Hexadecimal numbers are separated by using colons. The example is: 3011:afhg:0000:0000:0000:0000:8677:5366. Note that the group of zeros can be omitted to save some memory space and the omitted portion can be represented by using one more colon such as 3011:afhg::8677:5366.

What is a public and private IP address?

The public IP address is dedicated to computer devices so that they can make the connection to the internet. Anyone who wants to maintain a connection to the email server, web server, or any other server makes use of public IP address. It can be used on Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Unix or by any user agent working on any network connected to the internet.
The private IP address is actually a wide address space that is located by InterNIC to certain organizations so that they can further create their own private network. There are generally three different IP blocks that are reserved for private needs. When devices in a private organization communicate with each other, they make use of private IP but when they make a connection outside the local network, they again make use of public IP address to establish a communication channel.

How does my device get assigned an IP address?

There are two types of IP addresses: static and dynamic. The Static IP address is one that is configured by used itself by editing network settings on the computer. These addresses are generally rare and they can sometimes cause an error in the communication when used without using appropriate TCP/IP rules. On the other side, Dynamic addresses are assigned by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is usually allocated as per leasing system and stays active for a short duration of time. When it expires, the computer automatically places a request for a new lease.

How do I hide my IP address?

It is possible to hide your IP address on the network by using a Proxy Server on Google. This method works by rerouting the browser around content filters of an organization. Note that, this method involves some risks as well because using proxy servers is illegal in many countries.

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